We are residents and friends of Belchertown, MA 

committed to creating a welcoming, safe, and inclusive community. We stand against the politics of hate that seek to divide us and redouble our commitment to the values of freedom, justice, and equality that bind us as a community. 

Belchertown Voices for Justice (BVJ) is answering the call of our youth who are demanding that we act to create a future free of gun violence in all of our communities.

Last year, the Swift River Sportsman's Club in Belchertown hosted the Annual Flag Day 2nd Amendment Rally with appearances by racist, anti-immigrant former sheriff Joe Arpaio and other concerning speakers. On June 16 it's happening again, with anti-government extremists such as Ammon and Ryan Bundy, who staged a 41-day armed siege of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Oregon in 2016. They call themselves patriots.

BVJ challenges the idea that those who advocate for the removal of laws designed to protect the lives of our neighbors, friends, and children are patriots. Just as we challenge the idea that patriotism means never taking a knee to protest racial injustice. We believe the flag represents freedom and justice for ALL, and the ability for all of us to live full lives without the constant threat of gun violence.

We hope you'll join us on June 16. In solidarity with National Gun Violence Awareness Day this month, BVJ encourages supporters to wear orange.

Peacekeepers have kindly agreed to attend. 

Come out early to make signs starting at NOON at Old Town Hall (next to BUCC on Belchertown Town Common). Some sign-making materials supplied. Please feel free to bring more.

Badass Activists in the Pioneer Valley
Belchertown United Church of Christ
Indivisible Northampton
Moms Demand Action 
Pioneer Valley Women’s March 
Pioneer Valley Resist Coalition
Pioneer Valley Students for Gun Control
Pioneer Valley Workers Center
The Resistance Center for Peace and Justice
Sojourner Truth School for Social Change Leadership
Western MA Young Democrats

If your organization would like to co-sponsor, let us know!

RAIN PLANS: Rally in Old Town Hall (next to BUCC on Belchertown Town Common)

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